Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ancient Global Dimming Linked to Volcanic Eruption

Link to article : http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/03/080319-global-dimming.html

Is it really true? Can we trust this article? Is there really such a phenomenon known as global dimming? In the article “Ancient Global Dimming Linked to Volcanic Eruption”, it is stated that “A "dry fog" that muted the sun's rays in A.D. 536 and plunged half the world into a famine-inducing chill was triggered by the eruption of a supervolcano, a new study says.”

The research shown in the article says that there are evidences of acidic sulfate in the ice of Greenland. How does it affect us? The release of carbon emissions has been said to be the cause of global warming, but in this article, it is said that global dimming is also influenced by the high level of emissions produced by men. If man continues to pollute the air, both phenomenon will become very susceptible to carbon and it may usher in a new ice age (global dimming) or an age of droughts (global warming).

In order to prevent this, we have to result to more environmentally-friendly ways, 3R(reduce, reuse, recycle). Recently, there are biodegradable plastic bags that may replace the plastic bags that will not decompose, so any litter that is left behind will be naturally disposed of. Right now, scientist are trying to find out ways to reduce the resources that are required, creating new environmentally-friendly products to replace the old unfriendly ones.

The actions of men resulted in these drastic consequences and only the intervention of men can make it right again.

Goh Jun Hong (15)


  1. This is indeed a very interesting articles as we can see the destructive power of nature in play. I agree with Jun Hong that we need to be more environmentally friendly. Being environmentally friendly will help reduce the impact and/or perhaps give scientists more time to find a solution/ cure if what the article warns happened.

  2. If the scientist have correctly predicted the cause of the famine inducing chill during A.D. 536, then this might be course for concern over what might happen to us in the event of which the super volcano under Yellow Stone Park should erupt. Although this super volcano is halfway around the world in America and the resulting ash cloud might not even reach Asian countries such as Singapore, the effects on the world's economy could be devastating. Prices would undoubtedly increase substantially due to most Western powerhouses, such as America and Europe, being plunged into chaos due to the ash cloud produced by the volcano. Temperatures there would plummet resulting in the inability to grow crops, which would in turn result in countries being unable to produce produce for their citizens. The burden of solving worldwide famine would mostly lie in the hands of countries in the Eastern hemisphere, such as Asia and Australia. With such a high demand for food, prices are sure to shoot up significantly causing the basic cost of living to increase.

    This situation seems to be like something out of the movie "2012" but has the chance of actually occurring. Most of us would choose to live in blissful ignorance of such dangers but it is something that we must not neglect. To make matters worse, this natural disaster waiting to happen is completely out of our control. We cannot choose when the super volcano will erupt. The only thing that is absolute is when it will erupt.

    Lucas Chia

  3. When I read this article, I think of the idea of learning lessons from the past. We can learn from the past that no matter how advanced we are, We still fall victim to nature's great powers. Knowing this, why do we still tamper with it? Why do we disrupt the eco-system? Do we want an even more drastic consequence for our future? Or are we simply blinded by greed?