Tuesday, 21 February 2012

South East latest part of England officially in drought

Article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-17102615

I feel that the Environment Agency in England is doing a good job. Although the drought is worst than the infamously dry summer of 1976, they are still making an effort to monitor the impact of the dry weather on fisheries and wildlife. Other than that, a natural disaster also serves as a form of a reminder to people not to take things for granted. In this case, we should not take water for granted. Therefore, people should do their part to reduce their water consumption. For example, instead of leaving the tap on, that person could turn off the tap while brushing his or her teeth. On top of that, the person could take shorter showers, fix leaked pipes immediately and wash their laundry only when it has a full load. Apart from the citizens playing their part on this issue, the Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, is also working with water companies to consider the possibility of connecting pipe networks so that water could be transferred from wetter areas.

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  1. I have similar views as Fatin. I feel that the England Environmental Agency has done an exceptional job making the effort to monitor droughts and discuss possible modifications to the underground pipe networks to further improve the efficiency of water catchment. Though the water agency's job is to carry out such works, we as citizens, must also play our parts in society. We can do this by reducing our water consumption by taking shorter showers and reusing water. We should also treasure water and only use it for productive purposes. I believe with everyone contributing a little bit of water use reduction, the results will be significant and substantially affect England's water supply.