Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Air pollution can actually lead to stroke, memory loss


It is obvious that air pollution would affect the respiratory system but it also turns out that ‘dirty’ air can affect the brain too. Though the article quotes several scientists and studies, it still may not be true as there is no official report from the relevant authorities. However this news would still affect the rest of us as we would be then more conscious about what we are releasing into the air through factories, car exhausts, etc.

This article is beware surveillance (like a warning) for those living near busy highways or in cities and instrumental surveillance (just good to know about) for the others who are not so affected. It taps on the emotional appeal of people for they would worry if their family members or their relatives who live there might later suffer a stroke or have memory loss after prolonged exposure to the ‘dirty’ air.

The problem is for those who are living near said busy highways and crowded cities for they can’t possibly move house and even if they do someone else might move in after they leave anyway. The government could try to reduce the amount of air pollution such as getting companies to use eco-friendly air-conditioning and also to encourage more people to use public transport. Factories could try to cut down on their air pollution by probably installing air filters to filter out the harmful gases.

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