Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Celine and Gwendolyn Chee [Master Storytellers]

The most important point of the presentation is the views of ethnocide and genocide. Genocide, the murder of a large group of human beings, is universally condemned while ethnocide, the destruction of entire cultures, is welcomed and celebrated as a development strategy (What is meant by this? Why is it celebrated and welcomed? And by whom?). There have been many examples of genocide, two of the most well-known being the Japanese's slaughter of the Chinese during World War Two and the later use of the atomic bombs on Japan. An example of ethnocide is the in-progress extinction of Tibetan culture (Briefly explain how this is done). Culture is what defines us, and destroying culture is, in essence, destroying ourselves. Thus, we need to revise our view of ethnocide and realize that it too needs to be condemned before we lose our sense of self.


  1. It is an interesting topic. How has the world change with the advent of mass and new media? Have we become more or less diversified? Has the world become more homogeneous and thus, more boring? What are your thoughts on this?

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