Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sobering Future of Wildfire Dangers in U.S. West, Researchers Predict

Link to article:http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/02/120214134936.htm

Wild fires cause much damage. It causes the loss of property, lives(sometimes), pollution, etc. If it becomes too big, it will spread very quickly and very hard to stop. Much money and manpower is pumped in to stop the fire, prevent it from spreading and to prevent it from starting again immediately. It is estimated to cost one billion dollars per year to suppress wild fires but the true cost exceeds that by a few billions of dollars. Lets take some true examples.

Years Annual Cost

1970s $420 million

1980s $460 million

1990s $700 million

2000s $1.4 billion

2001-2007 $3.2 billion

The costs are increasing during the time when wildfires occur normally. Now, when the number and frequency of wildfires increase, how much would it cost now?


  1. I believe that these occurrence of forest fires, especially in Australia, is due to the holes in the ozone layer which allow UV rays to penetrate into earth's atmosphere. Every problem that earth faces today is due to a err that was done in the past. We cannot do anything to stop it from happening, so we should stop doing what the past generations have done wrong. This is a clear message sent to people about gas pollution and what it has done to our earth. I believe that countries should send aid to these countries plagued with forest fire and help do their part to eradicate the flames, as the gas emitted is toxic and can cause long term respiratory problems to the civilians around.

  2. When I read this. This question immediately popped up to my mind: What is the underlying cause? The answer is simple. Global warming caused by holes in the ozone layer due to the greenhouse effect. One problem that we do not solve quickly can undergo a domnio effect and cause drastic consequences such as wildfires. And I'm sure these wildfires are not the only problem that is caused by the greenhouse effect. Increasing sea levels, dying animals in the north and south poles. The true damage cost is a lot more than billions, it can go to the trillions! This one simple example can display how great the domino/butterfly effect can be.

  3. Wildfires as such will become a frequent occurrence if we don't start change now. With holes in the ozone layer and global warming in the picture, such wildfires will be next in line. With the enormity of the situation slowly unfurling; rising sea levels, extinction of animals, droughts and floods and even famine will be manifested before our eyes. The question now is not how much more damage cost will we be induced with, but how much more can we do to save this dying Earth. We must all be vigilant and unite together to prevent the domino effect from occurring. While we continue to write down in the pages of history, change must begin now, before time and death likewise, closes the book.