Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Greenpeace: Indonesia's Forest Fire Threatens World(zhiyong)



  1. Deforestation is responsible for about 20percent worth of the world's green house gas emission. When trees are being cut down, or burned down, this in turn causes less trees to absorb carbon dioxide. Burning also releases more gasses that are harmful to the environment. Indonesia might be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter, due to their burning down of trees.

    Though there are some people in indonesia who know the dangers of burning down trees, others just think of themselves and their needs. I feel that they are rather selfish, as they burn down the trees out of convenience, as it is the fastest and easiest way to clear the land. But they did not take into consideration of those who rely on wood to survive, or how their actions have affected the environment, the world.

  2. Although people might want to blame these countries for global warming, I think that the farmers who used this method to clear land because it is cheap and fast. They earn a bit more money in that sense. They want a future for their children, so they find any ways and means to get more money to hopefully supply their children sufficient money to go to school and get a better future. Paying them to not burn forests could be a possible solution. But I also think that we can do out part to reduce the carbon emissions. Deforestation constitutes 20% of the green house gas emission. What about the other 80%? Cars, factories. Even the food we eat. We can do our part by cutting down our purchase of luxurious items. We can use public transport. There are so many other problems to solve too!