Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Link to Media Article on Shark Finning:

Sharks - which include ones that are almost extinct are being hunted and killed for their fin which is a food tradition that is centered in Asia. Singapore is the second largest shark finning and I believe that we can reduce the sale and production of shark fins world wide.

I think that we should stop being so traditional, there are many other delicacies that can be eaten as an alternative to shark fin's soup. Also, when the sharks are being killed, it would be a 'butterfly effect' to the ecosystem in the ocean. There is enough evidence that shark finning should be stopped.


  1. I agree with the article and Johanan, that though shark's fin soup maybe a tradition chinese dish, Singapore is the second in the world's largest shark's fin trading country. Such selfish actions of people will lead to extinction of certain shark species, which thus affects the food chain. Children form future generation might not even have the chance to experience and see what a real life shark looks like!

  2. According to the article, sharks are going extinct because of the human race and Singapore is the second largest shark fin trading nation. Millions of innocent sharks are being killed just for their fins for consumption by humans. This act would disrupt the food chain in the ocean. It is not worth to cause that much damage just for people to enjoy a nice meal. The action of shark finning should be reduced or even stopped to save these species from going extinct.

    Khim Tan (08)