Tuesday, 21 February 2012

8 Mighty Rivers Run Dry From Overuse

Article link: 8 Mighty Rivers Run Dry From Overuse


Over the years, man has taken advantage of numerous natural resources the world, and more often than not we take more than what can be replenished in the same amount of time. Our greediness has taken its toll on the environment, and in this case, the rivers of the world. Excessive usage and abuse of the waters as well as the banks of some of the largest rivers in the world are causing them to run dry. Blaming it on inevitability of industrialization and urbanization, man turns his back onto the dire consequences of his actions.

However, this article is a wake up call, telling us that we cannot ignore this problem any longer. The depleting supply of water and other resources from these rivers will affect us all. Riots and wars can occur when there is a shortage of food and water because people can become desperate when they are on the brink of starvation, and this could cause deaths. By not taking into account the consequences of stripping away all the resources that is available to us, we are endangering not only the environment, but ourselves as well.


  1. This articles shows that human beings are actually using too much of its natural resource, water. We are using so much of it for agriculture and industrial activities that the Colorado river rarely reaches its delta which is located at the gulf of California. Therefore this should serve us a reminder not to waste this precious natural resource because if we do not have drinking water, we will all die.

  2. This article shows that our demand for water is even surpassing nature's supply, and that we would soon have to find new methods of reusing our waste water or cleansing the seawater for our use. If not, war might break out between countries that have more water than others which are lacking in it, and also reminds us to save water as it is precious.

  3. I find that the author of this article is trying to put it across to the readers that the natural resources of Earth is running dry, and we would need to conserve more for our next generations. The wonder of this earth is that it can reproduce what has been lost, but as one family on earth, we would need to share this with other countries. Technology had played its part by helping us distillate cleaner water.
    I feel that everybody should do their part in conserving water and think about how fortunate we are to be born in Singapore where there is no lack of food or water or resources.

  4. We all know that such a huge problem exists in our world in these days but yet we are constantly avoiding it. This problem is none other than the depletion of natural resources, such as water. The over usage or over wastage of water can lead to massive droughts, affecting the survival of humans in such an environment. When the water run dry, not only will the people be affected, the other wildlife creatures will also be affected, leading to a change in the whole ecosystem, if certain population gradually depletes. Prolonged period of drought can lead to displeasure and unhappiness against the government, as to the way they manage the natural resources we have right now. I feel that many do not know the significance of something, till one has completely lost it, like these natural resources. Not every country is as advanced as Singapore where technologies are available for usage whenever we need it to obtain clean water or any form of artificial resources for our survival. This article clearly shows how we should start saving up for our future and not let our future generations be at risk of facing such problems, which they did not cause in the first place. Such mistake of wasting natural resources cannot be fixed, thus we should start changing for the better and not continue to err on.

    1. yes, you are quite right to say that it is a problem that needs to be addressed by the government. What will happen when water runs out? Will it become even more precious than diamonds?