Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bubble Curtains - Protecting undersea wildlife


Recently scientists have explored ways of blocking off industrial noises using bubble curtains. It has been revealed that industrial noises from the coastlines are deeply affecting behaviour of underwater mammals, such as whales, who use gentle sound pulses to communicate. As humans explore and breach the ocean further, the loud sounds can confuse and harm the underwater mammals. Indeed, the added stress to these delicate animals have been linked to infertility and can cause a dip in the population growth. Offshore oil and wind power companies are testing the benefits of this new technique, currently being proposed to be utilised as a means of reducing noise pollution.  It has not yet been proven effective, but this promising means can go a long way in protection. As more and more energy companies are harvesting the vast resources of the oceans, it has been increasingly alarming of the hazardous effects on marine animals that are generated by the industries. There are evidence to suggest that bubbles can be used to lessen the impact of undersea sound. The bubbles can technically alter the waveforms of the sound waves generated and dampens the resonance, hence causing less discomfort to the animals. I believe that this "bubble curtain" approach may potentially benefit both parties. Expensive it may be as it is still a largely undeveloped procedure, it can help to ensure that the energy companies sustain their industries as well as protecting the wildlife. Certainly, more green technology should be developed, using the simplest materials possible and maximum effectiveness. While bubble curtains are one of the ways to protect and preserve wildlife, there are definitely much more that we can do to play a part. 

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  1. I think that this article about the bubble curtain is very useful in our world today. Though It might be costly, such investment in technology is worth the money. It is better to suffer a little for the time being and enjoy later than enjoy later, and suffer forever. A small sacrifice of money for the bubble curtain to reduce the industrial sounds, can save the lives of many species of fishes!