Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Paradox of Choice - Jia Le & Jun Hong


  1. The secret to happiness is low expectations. To obtain low expectations, there should be less choices. For example, if I were to tell you that there is no such thing as 'notes' in this world, and we could only carry coins around, we would have no choice but to drap a lump sum of coins with us wherever we go. However, knowing that there's such an invention, we would be 'disappointed' by the fact that we could actually carry lighter currencies without the burden of coins. We would forget about the pros about our original choice (being able to pay in exact change in this case) and look at the pros of the other choices when the cons of the original choice arrives.

  2. I think that in any circumstances, there will always be a few choices to choose. What you can't control is the circumstances. For example: Usually people say that they had to sleep late because they had no choice, they HAD to do their homework. However, you can in fact, don't do your homework. It's just that your consequence would change to getting punishment. So to conclude, I think that It's not really a matter of choice, rather a matter on consequence.What do you think?


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  4. Well, I think that it is not just the consequence, even though that is an insightful point. Rather, I think that it is both expectations and circumstances. People sometimes know the circumstances yet they are still willing to choose the wrong path, like stealing. However, I also think that we should not lower our expectations so much that we may no longer feel the satisfaction of having done something better.

    I do agree that having too many choices paralyses one as we become paranoid that we will make the wrong choice or that after we make our choice, something better will come along. Thus, making us regret our choice. I think that is why life has become so much more complex and complicated. So many things are interconnected and with all the choices thrown at us, we are sometimes at a lost. After spending so much time and effort trying to make the right decision, we are naturally very disappointed when we perceive that we may have made the wrong choice. How would one feel then?